Logistics and Delivery

Efficient and fast deliveries with reduced environmental impact.

To ensure efficient deliveries, Macfarlane has distribution centres nationwide all with local customer service, warehousing and logistics teams.

Our fleet consists of over 100 vehicles ranging from 3 tonne to 40 foot articulated lorries that deliver 600,000 orders per year. Macfarlane is committed to a proactive policy of sustainability and environmental responsibility and all of our vehicles feature clean engine technology.

At the heart of Macfarlane’s logistics operation is Paragon, an advanced vehicle planning and tracking system to optimise vehicle loading and plan the most environmentally friendly and efficient route.

Our customers also benefit as delivery lead times are reduced and we can estimate more accurate delivery times with real-time access to check the status of their order and vehicle progress. Locations are monitored at 30-second intervals, ensuring that delivery information is constantly updated.

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