Bulk cold chain stock movement

Our thermal bulk chain shipping solutions keep perishable goods cold throughout their supply chain journey, so products reach their final destination within the desired temperature range.

The metallised bubble liners of our CooliMate® range reflect 97% of radiant heat away from goods. This maintains cold temperatures as stock is moved from refrigerated delivery vehicles and waits to be put away.

We recommend that you use them with a coolant to get the best results.

Our Insulated CooliMate® thermal pallet cover and CooliMate® roll cage covers are available in a range of sizes and can be custom made to suit your business requirements.

The CooliMate® range can also be used to protect products sensitive to cold temperatures, the liner can reflect heat back inwards to prevent the goods from becoming too cold.

CooliMate® covers are multi-use, so they are perfect for use in a closed loop shipping system.

We recommend that a coolant is used when shipping products that need to maintain a low temperature in transit.

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