Coolant for Chilled Packaging

We recommend that a coolant is used when shipping goods that need to maintain a low temperature in transit.

We offer four types that can be used with our RecycoolMe and Coolimate® range of chilled packaging:

Ice sheets

Strong, safe, clean and pure, available in a range of 3 sizes.

Gel packs

Highly purified water that has been through a 6 stage filtration, UV sterilisation, softening and chlorination process.  Our gel formula is less susceptible to deformations, allowing them to remain a more uniformed shape when freezing.

Hydro-Freeze ice packs

A dry ice alternative. To maximise the full effectiveness of these ice packs, they will need to be frozen at a temperature at or below -22°C prior to use to activate the phase change.  The colder the better when sending frozen goods.


Developed with the seafood industry in mind these maintain temperatures for up to 48 hours when combined with our CooliMate® box range.  Please note that these require soaking in water before freezing.

Coolant Information

ProductProduct Code
Ice Sheets303968
190 x 140mm250 gramsP80
Ice Sheets303970190 x 285mm500 gramsP44
Ice Sheets303971375 x 280mm1000 gramsP22
Gel Packs303973160 x 150mm500 gramsP48
Hydro-Freeze Ice Packs303975200 x 200mm700 gramsP34
SorbaFreeze303978265 x 195mm1000 gramsP1200
SorbaFreeze303982290 x 265mm1500 gramsP800
SorbaFreeze303981265 x 195mm1000 gramsP60
SorbaFreeze303983290 x 265mm1500 gramsP60
SorbaFreeze30398552.6m x 398mmPack 2 Rolls

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Our range of coolants are perfect to help you maintain low temperatures in chilled packaging whilst goods are in transit. Contact us today to receive a quote.



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