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CooliMate® Thermal Insulated Roll Cage Covers are a high performance, bulk cold chain solution for shipping your temperature sensitive products. They can be reused in a closed loop system, which makes them ideal for retail store replenishment.

High performance insulation

The insulated material creates a radiant barrier that reflects up to 97% of heat transferred via radiation (sun, heat), it also reflects up to 97% of the cold air back into the roll cage.  This high performance means that goods are kept at the right temperature, even in ambient environments.

A range of sizes available

Our CooliMate® Insulated Roll Cage Covers are made to order on site. If a stock size isn’t suitable for your products, we can manufacture covers in the dimensions you need. Please note that minimum order quantities apply to bespoke sizes, contact us to find out more.

Quick assembly

CooliMate® Thermal Roll Cage Covers are simply unfolded and placed over your roll cage to protect your temperature sensitive products.

Temperature range and duration

As you can see from our test results, CooliMate® Insulated Roll Cage Covers maintain a constant low temperature, keeping the internal temperature below 30°C despite high external surface temperatures.

We recommend that a coolant is used when shipping products that need to maintain a low temperature in transit.


Nominal thickness4mm
Foil Thickness8MY + 25MY PE
Density200 gr/m2 (±5%)
Flame ResistanceB2
Anti-corrosion coatingNC lacquer

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CooliMate® Thermal Rollcage Covers provide a high performance, money saving solution for shipping your temperature sensitive products. Note: Minimum order quantities will apply to bespoke sizes.



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