RecycoolMe Thermal Insulated Shipper

A sustainable option to ship perishable and temperature sensitive products to end users

RecycoolMe 100% curbside recyclable Thermal Insulated Shippers deliver high performance at a low cost.

Curbside recyclable insulation

Environmentally sound, RecycoolMe is available with a Tempguard™ recycled kraft paper eco liner which is filled with paper fibres, Corritherm™ layers of recycled corrugate or WrapPak® paper liner. Each option provides consumers with a sustainable solution that can be recycled through their household waste stream.


With exceptional insulating properties, our eco liners minimises the need for bulky, internal cooling material. This helps to reduce overall pack size, weight and courier costs!

Simple and quick to use

RecycoolMe shippers are quick and easy to assemble, speeding up your packing time.

Temperature range and duration

Test results show that the RecycoolMe Thermal Insulated Shippers will keep products below -2°C or between 2°C – 8°C for up to 48 hours.

We recommend that a coolant is used when shipping products that need to maintain a low temperature in transit.


RecycoolMe Insulated Shipper Information

System nameExternal dimensions (mm)Internal space (mm)Payload (litres)Tare weight (g)
RecycoolMe-250256 x 256 x 256230 x 230 x 23012632
RecycoolMe-300306 x 306 x 306280 x 280 x 28022910
RecycoolMe-355361 x 361 x 361335 x 335 x 335371273


Nominal thickness10mm
Density1124 gr/m² (±5%)
Inner materialPaper fibers
Outer materialKraft paper

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RecycoolMe Thermal Insulated Shippers provide a high performance, money saving solution for shipping your temperature sensitive products. Note: Minimum order quantities will apply to bespoke sizes.



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