Cold Chain Airfreight

Our complete range of chilled packaging solutions ensures that goods are protected throughout the airfreight supply chain.

Whether you are air freighting goods in bulk or individually, our polystyrene alternative thermal packaging, breathable pallet covers, insulated pallet and roll cage covers or pallet shipper boxes help you to keep product cold in warm climates.

The addition of coolants or ice packs ensure that stock stays cold when transported between a range of temperatures –  like movements from refrigerated vehicles to holding warehouses, runways and cargo holds.

Breathable pallet covers, insulated thermal pallet and roll cage covers are available in a variety of sizes and can be made to order to suit your business requirements.  As these covers are multi-use they can form part of a closed loop shipping system for cold store distribution logistics providers.

For individual shipments our RecycoolMe range is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional polystyrene insulated packaging. Made from 100% recycled kraft paper with a thermal paper liner, the pack is curbside recyclable, meaning it can be recycled through the household waste stream. Our CooliMate® insulated boxes consist of a double wall outer carton and metallised bubble liners, this coating reflects up to 97% of radiant heat away.

CooliMate® lined pallet box shippers provide an insulated solution for bulk shipment of perishable goods like vegetables and meat, which need to maintain cold or chilled temperatures in transit.

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