Perishable goods delivery

We offer a range of polystyrene free chilled packaging solutions which are suitable for the shipment of food. Our temperature controlled packaging range maintains a consistent shipping temperature for the transit of perishable goods, when used with a coolant or ice pack.

Our insulated chilled packaging boxes maintain temperatures of between 2°C and 8°C for up to 48 hours, ideal for the delivery of meal kits, gourmet hampers, cold meats, cheeses and ready meals.

RecycoolMe, our eco-friendly range of packaging made from recycled kraft paper and a thermal paper liner, are 100% curbside recyclable. They will ensure your customers receive their deliveries in perfect condition, with the added benefit of being able to recycle the packaging at home.

Our CooliMate® insulated boxes consist of a double wall outer carton and metallised bubble liners, this coating reflects up to 97% of radiant heat away. Keeping the contents cool.

For shipment of smaller temperature sensitive items, such as individual food items or chocolates, we offer CooliMate® temperature controlled thermal envelopes in a range of sizes.

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