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Custom Cold Chain Pharmaceutical Shippers

Custom Cold Chain Pharmaceutical Shippers

An increasing number of pharmaceutical including medical and veterinary products and biotech products require some form of specific temperature control during shipping.

Our objective is to become:

"A first choice supplier to the pharmaceutical industry offering custom high performance cost effective cold chain packaging solutions to ensure perfect product delivery."

At Temperature Controlled Packaging we design and manufacture passive insulated shippers to maintain cold chain distribution of pharmaceutical products.

As well as being proven to insulate better than expanded polystyrene (EPS), keeping your pharmaceutical products colder longer our pharmaceutical cold chain shipper solutions are also more cost effective than EPS pharmaceutical shippers.

Typically the cost of getting a custom expanded polystyrene (EPS) mould manufactured is in the region of £5-10,000 compared to approximately £150-£200 for a custom Temperature Controlled Packaging Cold Chain Foam Shipper.

For shipments of the same shaped, size and quantity the process starts in our packaging design, development and manufacturing centre.

TempGuard ™
Our ISTA certified packaging professionals can design the ideal pharmaceutical packaging for your products to maintain safety, security and temperature control. We will work on a bespoke design to fit your products rather than your products having to fit into our packaging. We can design packaging from a single phial to the largest medical application.

We will choose from a number of TempGuard™ foam formulations to create a pre-qualified shipper with the right mix of shape, size, wall thickness and foam density for your pharmaceutical products, for example, test tubes containing bull semen samples. Our engineers will then manufacture a shipper to fit snugly around the test tubes or other product so they can be shipped upright held tightly in place.

By greatly reducing the dead airspace the package will be smaller than a traditional EPS shipper resulting in lower freight volume costs and storage costs both in your warehouse / hospital etc. before it is shipped and also at the receiving end - veterinary surgery, farm, hospital, doctor's surgery, warehouse, pharmacy or other retail outlet.

By cutting down on dead air space you also greatly reduce the cost of any air coolant.

Our engineers will design a prototype pack for you, test its performance and provide you with a sample to do your own testing so you can be confident that your products will arrive in perfect condition at the other end.

Temperature Controlled Packaging offer TurboTag RFID monitoring solutions for your ongoing use for all our custom cold chain pharmaceutical shippers so you can monitor the temperature of your products during transit.

As a final touch we can customise your shipper to display your company logos and any other required details giving your shipper a premium appearance in the eyes of your customer.

Our expert sales team are able to advise on all our custom cold chain pharmaceutical shipping products, for more information on how we can help please call us on 01257 477926.

We are now offering a range of stock sizes click here for more details on our TempGuard+™ Cold Chain Pharmaceutical Shippers.

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