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Temperature Controlled PackagingA Division of Harrison's Packaging

Temperature Controlled Packaging
A Division of Harrison's Packaging


Coolimate insulated shipper 165x165x180mm @ 99p for orders over and above 1000 shippers.

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Temperature Controlled Packaging is the latest design in Packaging, for temperature controlled products. This is essential when dealing with 'Cold Chain Shipping' for companies who deal with perishable & temperature sensitive product

All temperature controlled packaging products are manufactured in house and are custom designed by our engineers and tested to the highest standard. We offer a full range of Coolimate® products, to which these are space efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our Coolimate® products consists of Coolimate® Shippers, envelopes, pallet shippers, pallet covers, roll cage covers & drum covers. Our products are highly effective in hot and cold conditions, as all temperature sensitive products need to be kept in a controlled environment, our Coolimate® products offer this service. as we provide an active & passive cooling system.

CooliMate® Thermal Insulation Material is the perfect solution for the storage and transportation of:

Perishable foods: Meat & Poultry, Seafood, Baked goods, Chocolate & Dairy items (cheese, milk, ice creams etc)

Wine, Bottled & keg beer, Champagne, Soft drinks, Juices & Protein shakes

Pharmaceutical products
: Medicines, Samples, Tablets, Creams & any temperature sensitive products

Healthcare products: Cosmetics, Detergents, Soaps & Shampoo

Agricultural products: Plants & Shrubs

Industrial products: Paint, Resins, Adhesives & Chemical mixtures

Benefits of the CooliMate ®Thermal Insulation Materials include:

* Reflects 97% of radiant energy
* Environmentally safe
* Reduces costs for heating and cooling
* Reduces carbon emissions
* Ability to ship chilled goods on non-refrigerated vehicles
* Reduces fuel costs up to 50%
* Durable, reusable and lightweight
* Non toxic
* Prevents mould and mildew
* Permanent and maintenance free
* Unaffected by natural elements (moisture, humidity, rain)
* Does not compress, collapse or disintegrate
* Fibre free
* Made in the UK

We are the UK's only manufacturer and distributor of Coolimate® products with sole intellectual and property rights

Product Details

We specialise in providing temperature controlled packing and shipping solutions to your specification and branding as well as stock items. Click the images below for more details.

CooliMate Thermal Shipping Solutions
CooliMate Thermal Transport Solutions